In 1995, Alex Caballero and his brother-in-law Manuel Cruz opened the first Fratelli restaurant in Cheverly, Maryland. “We named it Fratelli because that means brother in Italian and it was a family business.

“Alex is the head chef owner at the restaurant in Maryland and Manuel Cruz  restaurant in Virginia. We opened this restaurant in Alexandria in 2005. Alex runs the restaurant in Cheverly and his wife manages the front of the house.  My customers come from the neighborhood and some of them eat here two or three times a week. I have one customer who comes every night. The menu includes more than 20 chicken dishes and an array of seafood offerings. “Our seafood is fresh and we prepare it in many different ways, We make all of our bread here and many of our pastas are also made at the restaurant.”

Fratelli Italian Restaurant

5820 Landover Rd Cheverly Md. 20784

301-209-9006 - 301-209-9007

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